Remote Support Services

How to use the service

원격지원 서비스는 고객님이 요청하면 별도의 프로그램 설치없이 웹브라우저를 이용하여 상담원이 고객의 화면을 함께 보면서 신속,정확하게 도와드리는 고객지원서비스입니다. 먼저 고객지원센터로 전화하신 후 상담원의 안내에 따라 해당 아이콘을 클릭하여 주십시오.

Remote Support agreement

Remote Support agreement

Agent will control your mouse / keyboard. Do you allow?

The recorded video will be saved on your PC. Continue?

Remote Support Recording Information

Remote support process recording will be saved on the agent side.

Need Password

This is a private chat. Enter the password given by the Agent.

Loading remote support program

Click "Direct Download" if automatic connection fails.

Waiting for reconnection

Please click 'File Download' and then execute it to reconnect.